Hell Let Loose will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series on October 5

The authors of Hell Let Loose in World War II scenery announced that the game will be released on PS5 and Xbox Series as early as October 5. players on each side of the conflict. Users will be able to try out as a sniper, engineer, and so on โ€” there are 14 roles available in total.

The PC release of the project took place on July 27. The console version will support crossplay, and an open beta will be held on PS5 from September 16-20.

In addition, Xbox Series has already opened pre-orders for which they will award cosmetic additional content. More on Gamemania Rumors Vindicated: Alan Wake Remaster Announced Top Intel ARC Mobile Graphics Card Tested in โ€œWe All Dieโ€ Benchmark: Season 3 Trailer & laquo; sexual educationโ€.