‘Hello, Sidnie’: The trailer for the fifth ‘Scream’ is released

A trailer for the new installment of the โ€œScreamโ€ series, which continues the events of the previous films, The new tape takes place after all the bloody events Sidney Prescott and her friends have had to endure. It would seem that the nightmares are behind us, but the maniac in the ghostly mask returns again. But this time he starts acting differently, picking out victims connected to Sidney‘s past.

And to survive, heroes will have to follow the rules. The main cast members of the series, including Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, returned to the film, and the writers of the thriller โ€œI Go Seekโ€ are responsible for directing.

The premiere of the film will be released in Russia on January 13. Duplicated trailer Original language Trailer More on Gamemania Modder added new cars and bike New World scores on Steam changed from โ€œmixedโ€ on positive Modder stretched Resident Evil Village characters face animations by 400%.