‘Helping hand for UEFA: Champions League and EC duels possible in Israel’

Israel has offered to UEFA to organise the decisive Champions League and European Champions competitions in the country, should the coronacrisis throw in the food. Israel is the leader when it comes to the number of vaccinated people.

The Israeli channel Channel 12 reports that the country has already indicated at UEFA that it is possible to finish the decisive matches in the Champions League and at the European Championships in Israel. In the country, 3.8 million out of 9 million inhabitants have already been vaccinated. In a few months, that number will be much higher.
UEFA announced in a brief response that the proposal will be examined. For the time being, however, everything seems to be able to continue at the originally established locations, but the English variant of the coronavirus is on the rise in several European countries. Israel wants to help if it is not possible to finish Champions League and EK matches.