Henk Veerman passed: Todeath sick against Ajax, extra acid Im not playing right now

SC Heerenveen top scorer Henk Veerman has lost his base spot for at least one match. The Volendammer had been ill, but also did not meet the wishes of trainer Johnny Janssen: afterwards Veerman appeared balancing for ESPNs microphone.
Veerman arrived at a 1-1 stand within the lines against FC Utrecht 15 minutes before and eventually saw his team lose 2-1. That he was placed next to it, the striker was visible. โ€œIt
s annoying that I played against Ajax (on Saturday October 16 th, ed.), extra acid that you dont play the next week, which didnt bring you too little. He wont have meant that in one match.โ€
However, Veerman couldn
t say what it was doing in the previous matches. โ€œWhether I gave the trainer reason to be dissatisfied? Not in my eyes, but that will undoubtedly show the images… I can always bring more, you can.โ€
โ€œIf he really thinks that, we need to change that very soon. Because otherwise I wont play here… โ€œ, Veerman continued with a wry smile. โ€œSorry to say so, but its just k*t.โ€

Henk Veerman shows himself combative but doesnt put his frustration under seats or benches either ๐Ÿค” pic.twitter.com/lHAqNIRTuz
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) October 23, 2021