Henry Cavill to be presented with replica silver sword from โ€œThe Witcher 3

Filming of the second season of the series โ€œThe Witcherโ€ recently concluded. And the administration of the Polish gmina Ogrodzieniec decided to make a symbolic gift to Henry Cavill, the performer of the role of the cult, especially for Poles, hero. Krakรณw soldier, artist and blacksmith Arthur Vysotsky forged for Cavill a replica of the famous silver sword from the game โ€œThe Witcher 3.

And he did it exclusively tools of that time, so the work took several weeks. The witchy sword and a half weighs almost one and a half kilograms, and in length it – 125 centimeters.

He has a silver-plated spearhead with forged runes, and a wolfs head on the handle. The sword is decorated with the inscription Wykuty na Zamku Ogrodzieniec โ€” โ€œForged in Ogrodzeniec Castleโ€ .

Although this time the filming group of the series never got to Ogrodzieniec, all fans of the series surely remember the Battle of Sodden at the end of the first season. Sodden โ€œplayedโ€ the Castle Ogrodzenets near the village of Podzamche.

It was built in the XIV century, but since the 19th century lay in ruins. Only after World War II began work on its restoration, and in 1973 the historical monument was reopened to visitors.

For the castle Ogrodzenets, the series โ€œThe Witcherโ€ was not a debut. For example, Andrzej Wajda made the film โ€œRevengeโ€ in it, and the band Iron Maiden used a video with the ruins of the castle for their performances, in particular, for the live album Live After Death.

But how report in the administration of the gmina, after the release of โ€œThe Witcherโ€ interest in the castle incredibly grew. Last season Podzamce was visited by up to 50,000 people a month โ€” and this is under quarantine conditions.

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