Henry is annoyed immensely: “That is fatal for the joy of playing”

Thierry Henry states that football is lagging behind sports such as rugby and tennis. The assistant national coach at Belgium believes that the VAR‘s influence on football is too great.
The VAR takes away the joy of playing, said Henry at the Leaders Week sports business in London, where sports’
s most influential people share their experiences. In principle, I have nothing against technology, but compared to other sports, too much time is lost. We‘re limping behind sports like American football, rugby, cricket or tennis, where decisions are made immediately. Moreover, the VAR often causes divisions, when it should just eliminate them.
Henry, who sat on the bench against the Dutch national team (1-0) as a Belgian national coach last Sunday as a replacement for Roberto Martínez, insists that football is losing spontaneity. After a goal, you don’
t even know if it‘s worth cheering. It’s waiting for the VAR to know whether or not you can cheer. That is fatal for the joy of playing.