Heracles trainer caught on: ‘I give us fifty percent chance’

Renรฉ Kolmschot attacked after the defeat of Heracles Almelo. His team was ripe for slaughter against Excelsior and so 3-0 is not that bad. Kolmschot keeps faith in a happy ending.
Kolmschot sat on the bench after the dismissal of head coach Frank Wormuth. โ€œWe are a fragile team. If it goes a little less, youll see it falling apart. Instead of keeping it compact, it runs further apart,โ€ Kolmschot tells ESPN. โ€œWe had the feeling that the 1-1 would fall, but then you get the 2-0 around the ears and you see that it is very fragile. Startled? Yes, of course. You hope for a response and you get 3-0 on the pants. Well…โ€
Does Kolmschot still believe in it? โ€œYes, I have to believe in that. Otherwise, you don
t have to play football. At least it has to be better than today. Football is soccer. If you make the 1-0, it can ghost. Its about doing it together, staying compact and the boys believing in it.โ€
โ€œIt will be a job to get the noses in the right direction, everyone is disappointed. This hurts a lot. How about the supporters, sponsors and everyone who cares about us? How much more chance do I give us? Fifty percent.โ€