Heracles wins only with 6-0 from amateurs: But thats not the most important

Heracles Almelo won the practice game with amateur club Manderveen 6-0 on Friday evening, but trainer John Lammers does not look too much at the results and says that the physical condition of his team is more important.
That‘s what Lammers says in conversation with Tubantia/TC after the game. The municipality of Manderveen has 600 inhabitants, which makes it striking that only 6-0 was won by the Almelose club. According to the trainer, the team still needs to get used to the new system. We are working on a new game system: high pressure and a fast ball pace. That went better for us tonight in the first half than in the second half. How that is possible? Maybe the composition of the team.
In addition, the trainer gave as many players playing time as possible, which may also have contributed to the result. In the first few exhibition matches, I want to see the players in action. That’
s why everyone plays for 45 minutes. I think that is more important than the final result, although, of course, more goals could have been scored in the second half.
Lammers is not worried about his team and knows that there are bigger challenges ahead. On Monday we will go to training camp in Billerbeck, where we will be training very focused on the new game system. At the end of that week, two more duels against heavier opponents (SC Verl and Preussen Münster, ed. ), Lammers concludes.