Here is skating on a natural ice rink


many places in the Netherlands the ice is still too thin, but children in Doorn can already skate! The skating rink in their village worked hard so that it could open today.

With a special mop machine, the whole night was mopped, so that no snow remained on the track. As a result, the ice cream is now perfectly smooth.

Prohibited access for adults

Only children of members of the ice rink are allowed to skate there. Because of the corona rules, because children are allowed to be together in larger groups. And that is of course super fun, especially when youre with friends.

Later this week, there might be more places in the Netherlands to skate. First on jobs like the ones in Doorn. Later also on ditches and lakes if the ice is thick enough.


Some people think that an Elfstedentocht can even be skated this year. That is a well-known skating tour of 200 kilometers long through Friesland. The last time it could be driven was in 1997.