Heres what we are (not) allowed to see in Tibet

Tibet has been close to the outside world for years. But occasionally China organizes a press trip, and journalists are allowed to see how the Tibetans are doing under strict guidance.

Our correspondent Sjoerd den Daas is finally allowed to go on such a trip after six years in China. He goes on bus for five days, bus off. Every hour of the schedule is fixed, just a little bit out of it is not there. He travels through Mount Everest land, from monks, the yak and the Dalai Lama. It‘s not easy, because speaking freely doesn’t seem to be an option for residents. A Tibetan even locks up in the toilet when Den Daas asks him a question.

In this video, Den Daas takes you five days through one of the most hidden regions in the world. What is there, even behind the scenes, to see? And why is Tibet so important to China? Look it here: