‘Hernández in jail for half a year’

Lucas Hernández has to go to jail for six months. Thats what the ANP reports. The Bayern Munich defender received that sentence for ignoring a 2017 verdict, and then he was imposed community service and a restraining order following domestic violence against his girlfriend.
He didn
t stop there because he went on a honeymoon with that same girlfriend after the verdict. The two are now husband and wife, but because Hernández ignored the verdict at the time, he has now been sentenced to six months in prison. Within ten days he has to go to prison and the defender can choose which Spanish prison he spends his time in.
In Spain, a restraining order will always remain in place, even if the people involved have made up for each other. This is to make sure that reconciliation is not forced. The Bayern defender says he is innocent and disagrees with his sentence. If he appeals and is awarded, he does not have to go to jail.
If he does go to jail, Der Rekordmeister will have to do less with a defender for six months. They do count on Hernández to be able to compete against Benfica next Wednesday in Lisbon. Hernándezs wife is going free for now, because she had not received a verdict at the time of arrest.