Heroes of Might and Magic III soundtrack to be released on collectors vinyl

Gamemusic is about to release a vinyl edition of the classic Heroes of Might and Magic III soundtrack. Original composers Paul Anthony Romero and Rob King, who created this masterpiece of music, were involved in the project. They made sure that the collector‘s edition was able to pay tribute to the legacy of the game.

The design was worked on by artist Magdalena Kataล„ska, who is also a big fan of the series. The records themselves will be available in four colors: red, blue, green and black, so the authors wanted to reference the colors of banners and some iconic cities in Heroes of Might and Magic III.

Rob King and Gamemusic’s record producer remastered all the music, retaining the atmosphere of the original. In addition, each track was renamed.

The publication is expected to be released in the spring of 2022, but may be delayed. More on Gamemania Microsoft Starts Testing XCloud Integration on Xbox Consoles Crusader Kings III Authors Discussed Royal Court Bloober Team Wants to Play in โ€œLeague championsโ€ along with Naughty Dog or Bungie.