Heroes of Newerth is officially closed

At the end of last year, Frostburn announced that it was going to close its MOBA Heroes of Newerth. And now the day has come: on June 20, all online game servers were officially shut down. Heroes of Newerth was released in 2010, at the same time as League of Legends, and at one time the games competed on equal terms .

The Riot Games project has achieved much more impressive success in the end, not least due to its monetization model. But Heroes of Newerth also managed to gather not the largest, but loyal community.

The developers from Frostburn expressed the hope that the player was able to get unforgettable memories in the game. And they prove it by sharing their emotions through Reddit and other forums.

Meanwhile, the creators of the modifications have learned how to create private servers, although we are not talking about full emulation yet. More on CCeit And now its fishing! The authors of TheHunter announced Call of the Wild: The Angler Outriders can be played for free until June 23 NPC lives matter, according to a technophilosopher professor.