Hes a Van Gaal keeper

Mark Flekken is in the selection of the Dutch team for the first time. Louis van Gaal emphasized that his scouting device โ€” and thus not the media โ€” has discovered the Freiburg goalie.
โ€œToo bad you didnt keep an eye on Flekken,โ€ Van Gaal snaps to the media at the press conference in the run-up to the World Cup Qualification duels. The goalkeeper was a stranger to the average football fan for a long time, but is now one of the four Orange goalkeepers. To the pleasure of the national coach. โ€œHes incredibly good with his feet. He is a true Van Gaal keeper,โ€ the national coach refers to his demands for a good goalkeeper.
Where Flekken has proven itself at Freiburg, according to Van Gaal, it is up to Jasper Cillessen to fight back in Orange. โ€œIm looking for the best goalkeepers. Cillessen is part of that againโ€, Van Gaal acknowledges. โ€œHe has to prove himself at Valencia.โ€
The selection includes players active in the Premier League. They achieved good results in Europe last week, but the national coach has no message about that. He does not make any conclusions to the Dutch victories of the clubs acting in the Europe and Conference League. โ€œNo, you play Jut and Jul.โ€