Hiddema: Radical Mosques eavesdropping

In case of suspicions of criminal offences, radical mosques should be wiretap. That said Forum for Democracy MP Hiddema in the program WNL on Sunday.

According to Hiddema, there are โ€œa lot of coercive meansโ€ to tackle criminal organisations. Salafist schools and mosques, according to him, are criminal because they cause hatred and division. In a debate last Thursday in the Chamber, he already said that he wants to tackle hatred seeds and mentioned the option of infiltration. According to Forum, there has been insufficient work on investigation.

Freedom of religion

Former President of the Supreme Court Geert Corstens said in the same broadcast of WNL that proof is needed before such eavesdropping measures can be taken. According to him, organisations where criminal and criminal activities take place can be tackled through civil law. โ€œFor AIVD measures, you first need a lead.โ€

Terrorist Jelle van Buuren has a similar sound: โ€œThere is no legal obstacle to hanging eavesdropping equipment in a church building or a mosque. But in practice, I think there will be an extra large threshold because fundamental rights such as freedom of association and freedom of religion are also involved here. Specifically, there must be a very concrete, firm suspicion. And I understand that the purpose here is to collect evidence, so that bites each other a bit.โ€

Modify Law

The House of Representatives has been worried about salafism for a long time. In the debate last Thursday, several parties said they wanted to fight hatred preaching. For example, the VVD said that hate preachers should be excluded from the European Union, the PVV advocated the closure of the borders, and the PvdA says that organisations that do not accept the rule of law should be banned. For schools, the Christian Union wants to amend the law so that the education inspectorate can also intervene in informal education.