Hiddink is frightened of fuss on Curaçao and ‘only signs when everything is settled’

Guus Hiddink’s new adventure is in jeopardy. Friday it was announced that the 73-year-old Achterhoeker had to lead Curaçao to the World Cup of 2022, but a day later Hiddink’s predecessor Remko Bicentini reacted furiously to the news. To the shock of Hiddink.

“I haven’t signed yet. And I’m not going to do that until everything has been neatly handled”, says Hiddink to De CCeit, referring to the fact that Bicentini had to find out through the media that his time as coach of Curaçao was up

‘Otherwise I’ll stay away’

According to Hiddink, he was told that the union with Bicentini, among whom Curaçao was making an impressive advance, had neatly come to an agreement. “If I hear all the noise now, I have to conclude that that’s not true.”

“That’ll have to be taken care of first. As long as that’s going on, I’ll wait to talk further, let alone sign an autograph. First it has to be taken care of properly, so that I can sign. Otherwise I’ll stay away.”

A seemingly commendable position by Hiddink, but according to Bicentini, he too should not wash his hands of innocence. “I am very disappointed in Guus Hiddink”, writes the 52-year-old trainer in a (digital) letter entitled ‘My honest story’.

Bicentini, who describes the past few days as “the toughest of my life”, talks about an informal conversation between him and Hiddink in February, in which he asked Hiddink if he saw a role of advisor. “I’m going to think about it’, was his literal text at the end of the conversation”, writes Bicentini.

‘Guus played game’

Hiddink didn’t hear from him anymore, after which Bicentini was told in the past few days that the deal between the Curaçao football association and Hiddink had already been concluded in January. “A month before I had the talk with him about his possible advisory role. So he played a game with me.”

Bicentini: “From respectful to disrespectful, that’s my feeling now about Hiddink. If you have such a track record and talked to me in February, you pick up the phone and call me and ask what’s going on? He’s had seven months.”