Hideo Kojima “accused” of murdering former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

On Friday, July 8, a tragedy broke out in Japan: former Prime Minister Shinji Abe was killed by a bullet of a former sailor of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces Tetsui Yamagami. And this tragic event was unexpectedly connected with the gaming industry. In the photos taken at the time of the shooters arrest, the attacker wears glasses and bangs, part of his face is covered with a mask.

Because of this, he can really be mistaken for Hideo Kojima, especially for people far from video games. French politician Damien Rieu illustrated his tweet with photos of the legendary game designer.

Soon he realized the mistake and deleted the recording. Hideo Kojima also became the hero of the Greek TV channel, where he was called guilty of the death of the former prime minister.

Kojima Kojima Productions studio said it strongly condemns the distribution similar fake news and false rumors. The management said it was considering these cases as defamation and would consider going to court in some cases.

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