Hideo Kojima: MADS MAX would tell story about cops of the future

A couple of days ago, Hideo Kojima told how he once offered Mads Mikkelsen a game tentatively called MADS Max. The actor was sure the gamejiiner was just joking (though it wasnt), and players felt that the game would have told a story in the spirit of โ€œMad Maxโ€. And now Hideo Kojima has revealed a bit of details about the project: He admitted that the MADS MAX action would not have unfolded in a post-apocalyptic desert.

The game was supposed to talk about police officers in the short future (which is quite busy considering the plot of the same Max) . Alas, this is all the details that the creator has revealed about the project Death Stranding.

Kojima noted that George Miller, the creator of Mad Max, is still his โ€œgodโ€ . Lets remind that Hideo Kojima is now preparing a director Death Stranding, which will be released on September 24 only on PS5 โ€” the authors trailer will be shown as early as Wednesday morning.

Earlier Norman Reedus, the lead role, admitted that it is already underway negotiations to create a continuation of the game. It is also possible that Kojima is also preparing a project in collaboration with Microsoft.

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