Hideo Kojima offered Mads Mikkelsen a project called MADS MAX

Hideo Kojima recounted that Death Stranding was not the only game the author would like to work on with Mads Mikkelsen (โ€œHannibalโ€). According to Kojima, he has a whole set of ideas from different projects where the artist could perform the title role. But one of them surprised Mikkelsen.

Kojima once explained his idea to him and listened to it with a very serious face, but then he decided that the MGS creator was just kidding. And I wasn‘t joking.

The preliminary name for the project was MADS MAX. Hideo KojimanNaming obviously refers to the Mad Max (Mad Max) film series directed by George Miller.

Apparently Kojima’s potential playing was not related to the films, however no wonder Mikkelsen mistook what was happening for a joke. What the concept of the idea was specifically โ€” the game designer did not elaborate.

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