Hideo Kojima talked about getting to Resident Evil and puzzles in games

Hideo Kojima talked about playing Resident Evil for the first time and thought about the mysteries in the games. The story began with Kojima being introduced to the fresh time-loop thriller Twelve Minutes, which the author rated quite highly. He noted that he had โ€œlost a count of timeโ€ in the process of passing through, spending about four hours during the last โ€œcall.

โ€ According to Kojima, the last time he was so fascinated only by INSIDE. Kojima compared Twelve Minutes to projects of the past he undertook with the help of the Amiga, and revealed that he indulged in the visit of Willem Defoe performing one of the roles in the project.

The author then went into speculation about the powerful effect of solving tasks in the game with their own power โ€” without the help of clues or similar. In his time, Kojima stuck in the passage of The Portopia Serial Murder Case, pondering his search for an answer for more than a week.

Its hard to achieve this today: The joy of unraveling was beautiful, but the whole process was part of the game. Today, its hard to create puzzles in games as everyone knows the answers very quickly.

Hideo Kojimakojima noted that he was adding similar challenges to MGS and Death Stranding himself, but the approach to this type of gameplay has changed. I think the gameplay has changed from โ€œcut with your own powerโ€ to โ€œcut it so youre comfortableโ€.

Hideo Kojimashimas reflections affected his familiarity with Resident Evil on PS1 as well โ€” he started playing for Chris, but because the game was scary and in the process his hero was dying too many times, the author stopped playing it. But after moving to Tokyo, where he took the console, one night he decided to try the horror one more time.

I bought a passing hyde, put it on my knees and started playing for Jill. Completed the game successfully.

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