Hideo Kojima wants to make a game that changes in real time

Hideo Kojima said he wanted to make games that change in real time. According to the game designer, even if you attract all possible audiences for a regular project, each player will get roughly the same experience from it. And Kojima would like to create something that draws on the players place of residence and mindset, changing according to that.

As an example, Kojima cited Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand, a 2003 game with the Game Boy Advance, which he has produced in the past. The user takes on the role of a vampire hunter, but the cartridge had a light sensor built into the cartridge, which required the player to go outside to pass.

In keeping with how much light there was outside, battles with vampires could get both easier and harder. And these kinds of mechanics, according to Kojima, help build a bridge between human-made systems in the game and real life.

The gaydesigner himself has in the past wanted to add another sensor to the project that would monitor the smell of garlic that helps against vampires. But that remained only at the idea level.

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