High Italian Mafia boss of ndrangheta organization arrested

The police in Italy have arrested a high-ranking member of the ndrangheta mafia. Domenico Bellocco was hiding on a farm in the southern region of Calabria. According to the police, he has connections all over Italy and Europe.

The 44-year-old Bellocco was wanted since last year for drug trafficking. Detectives received a tip this week that put them on the trail of the Mafia boss, says the head of police anti-mafia unit to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

The Italian Interior Minister Lamorgese congratulated the officers on the arrest of Bellocco. According to the Minister, the successful action shows that the police have the ability to deal with organized crime.

The ‘ndrangheta is one of the most powerful criminal gangs in the world and deals mainly in drugs such as cocaine.