High-ranking political prisoners from Tigray receive amnesty from Ethiopia

The Ethiopian government has granted amnesty to a number of high-ranking political prisoners, who had supported the insurgents in Tigray. The government also said it wanted to talk to the rebels from that region in the north of the country. โ€œThe key to lasting peace is dialogueโ€ can be read in a statement by the government.

The announcement was made on Orthodox Christmas, a holiday celebrated throughout much of the country.

It is another political step in the country where there has been a bloody war between government forces and rebels of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Army (TPLF). Troops from neighbouring Eritrea were also involved. The situation seemed to deteriorate as the rebels quickly gained terrain and advanced to the capital Addis Ababa.

But the rebels withdrew from two regions at the end of December. According to a spokesperson for the northern region, this is a first step towards a ceasefire.