Highrisers Role-Survivor is released on May 6

Independent German studio Solar Powered Games and publishing house Assemble Entertainment have announced the release date for the urban retrosurvival Highrisers. The game will be available on Steam 6 may. Work on the game has been underway for a long time.

Back in 2016, Highrisers received a โ€œgreen lightโ€ on Steam and in the same year successfully raised money for Kickstarter. But only now its creators are ready to announce the completion of the development.

The action of Highrisers takes place in a world where the majority of the population has become โ€œsleepersโ€, a kind of zombies, afraid sunlight. Our heroes are one of the few survivors, and they have taken refuge on the roof of the skyscraper.

The characters have a chance to be saved: the helicopter fallen on the roof can be repaired, but for spare parts will have to go down lower, on floors captured by sleepers. Aggressive zombies also attack survivor camp at night when the sun comes in.

To solve both of these problems, players will have to master crafts, create weapons and protection systems, combine skills survivors and floor by floor to explore and clean skyscrapers. But all actions will have to be carefully thought through, so that the heroes could survive the next night.

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