Higuain for the first time truly happy: Cant describe it, great feeling

Gonzalo Higuaín says that football in the United States does him well. The Argentinean, who will play together with Nick Marsman from this summer, can easily cross the street and he loves that.
Higuaín played in the past for Real Madrid, Juventus and Chelsea, but now he plays in the United States he can take the street without any problems. Its doing him good. Football is not a priority in America, says Argentine in conversation with La Nación. The pressure lies with other sports. Im not judged by the people on the street because I score or miss an opportunity. That also applies to the media.
Higuaín comes with a number of examples. When I stand in line at the store, I feel like a normal person. I cant describe it, its a great feeling. All these requests, responsibilities, the different countries. It can drive you crazy. Its the truth when I say Im really, really happy now. I escaped from the criticism bubble.
The Argentine striker is already playing with Kelvin Leerdam, who switched from Seattle Sounders to Inter Miami. This summer, Feyenoord keeper Marsman will join David Beckhams club.