Hiker week stuck in cold wilderness Alps

A hiker who travelled with his dog through the Italian Alps spent seven days with a broken ankle in the wilderness after a fall. Rescue workers saw the man lying on the ground next to a river, reports the local rescue service.

The 33-year-old male – found at an altitude of about 700 meters – told him that his dog helped him survive. He was in a part of the Venzonassa valley, where there is no mobile range. In his diligently search for water, the man crawled to a stream for a drink. There he was found on Thursday – wounded, but conscious.

Concerned girlfriend

While the husband and his dog were engaged in a struggle for survival in the mountains, his girlfriend was at home worried. Although the man often made these kinds of trips, it took quite a long time before he returned. Initially the plan was to come home on Monday, but on Wednesday the man was still in no fields or roads to be seen. She therefore decided to inform the Friuli mountain and cave rescue services (CNSAS).

Rescue CNSAS reported on Facebook and Twitter on the mans adventure and the rescue operation.