Hippos from wealthy drug boss should no longer have jonkies

In the country of Colombia, a group of hippos is causing problems. In principle, the animals are not found in the country, but were taken to the country 40 years ago by a wealthy drug boss. It started with four hippos, and by now it‘s over 90.

Prick their buttocks

And that causes problems: their poo makes rivers dirty, they eat the food of other animals, and they can also attack people. The animals intentionally get a shot in their buttocks. In principle, because of that jab, they can’t get any more jonkies.

The drug boss was shot in a police campaign about 30 years ago. After he died, many animals went to a zoo. But the hippos don‘t: they still swim around the old house. They don’t have a natural enemy in the country, and therefore quickly get jonkies.

1500 hippos

The Colombian government has decided that the animals are therefore given a shot, so that baby hippos are no longer born. And that, according to them, is the only solution, because otherwise over 1500 hippos will be swimming in the lake in ten years.