Historic first flight from Israel to the United Arab Emirates

Israeli and American top officials made their first flight from the Israeli city of Tel Aviv to the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The delegation is going to Abu Dhabi to discuss the establishment of more relations between Israel and the UAE.

The flight also made history because it flew through Saudi Arabia’s airspace from Israel for the first time. “This is what peace looks like, this is a historic day”, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu twittered.

Last weekend the president of the UAE and emir of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayhyan, ended the boycott against Israel by decree. He has recently established diplomatic ties with Israel. That means the emirates officially recognize Israel.

One of the aims of the rapprochement is to form a joint block against Iran that is considered a threat, including by Saudi Arabia

Hope for more recognitions

Following the agreement with the UAE, Israel has suspended the annexation of territories in the West Bank. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries still insisting that Israel first return the occupied territories for recognition. However, the Saudi have given permission for the Israeli Boeing 737 of El Al to fly over the kingdom to Abu Dhabi.

The Americans and Israelis hope to persuade more Arab states to recognize Israel. In the Arab world, only Egypt, Jordan and the UAE have so far established diplomatic relations with Israel.

Earlier we made this video, in which our correspondent shows what has happened in the West Bank in recent decades: