Historic house rolls through the hilly streets of San Francisco

For those who thought moving was a hassle; it could always be worse. The owners of this 138-year-old Victorian house did not move themselves, but let their beloved property roll through the hilly streets of San Francisco on their way to a new address.

The huge six-bedroom grey/green house from 1882 was loaded onto giant semi-trailers to move it six blocks through Golden Gate City. The special โ€œmoveโ€ from Franklin Street to Fulton Street produced special images shown by news channel ABC7, reports among others the New York Post.

Spectators stood along the route to see the special procession. The first part of the journey, movers had to navigate with the danger over one of the notorious hills of the city.

โ€œ Thats always hard for a house,โ€ said mover Phil Joy. Joy had to get permits at about 15 districts to move the property, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The owner had to pick up some $400,000 in moving expenses to move the historic building.

To make room for the rolling house, parking meters had to be temporarily removed, tree branches were pruned and road signs moved.

At the old location, according to Zillow (a kind of Funda), the house was estimated at about 5 million dollars. On the now vacant site, an apartment complex will soon be built with about sixty apartments.