Historic Iron Bridge in Rome severely damaged by fire

In Rome, the historic Ponte dellIndustria bridge was severely damaged by a fire. Part of the side footpath and a pipe gutter under the bridge plunged into the Tiber River. There have been no deaths or injuries.

This is what the fire looked like:

The fire arose before midnight in homeless shelters under the bridge. The authorities suspect that a gas cylinder was exploded there that was used for cooking.

The fire department says the rest of the bridge cannot be used for now. As more bridges threaten to succumb a ban on this part of the Tiber has been imposed.

The 131-metre-long bridge dates back to 1863, because it is mostly iron and not stone, like other bridges in Rome, it is also called Ponte di Ferro by the Romans.

The Iron Bridge was originally a railway bridge. Only later it became a bridge that could also be used by cars and pedestrians. It connects two densely populated city districts.

It is precisely today that there are mayoral elections in Rome, with the poor state of infrastructure and public services being the main themes.