Historical explosives found after fire in house Sneek

The explosives the police found after a fire in a Sneker apartment, turn out to be excavated ammunition. According to the owner of the house, they were tracked down by a metal detector. They have been examined by the bomb squad, reports Omrop Fryslรขn.

A small hemp plantation was also found, intended for personal use. Officers have detained the owner of the house. He‘s still in jail and being interrogated.

The finds were made after a fire last night in a house next door. A lot of smoke was released and therefore residents of surrounding houses had to go outside. During the evacuation of a house next to the house that was on fire, the plantation and explosives were found.

Four injured

Four people were taken to the hospital because of the fire. It concerns the resident of the apartment where there was a fire and three people from a family from another house. They got smoke in. It’s not known how they‘re doing.

Because of the many smoke, an NL-alert was issued. The fire was under control within an hour. We’re still investigating what caused the fire to break out.