Historical second trial against Trump begins in Senate

The historic second trial against Donald Trump begins on Tuesday in the U.S. Senate. It must decide whether the former President has been guilty of inciting an insurrection in the run-up to the storming of the parliament building on 6 January.

According to CNN, the impeachment process starts at 13.00 hrs, 19.00 hrs in the Netherlands. A short process is taken into account. According to some politicians, this may be over within a week.

The process will begin with a four-hour debate on whether the procedure is constitutional. According to Trump‘s lawyers, this is not the case because he is no longer president. The Democratic Prosecutors and Trump’s lawyers are then given 16 hours to plead their case. Further debates can also take place and vote on summoning witnesses.

Trump must defend himself against the accusation that he has raised his constituents in the run-up to the riots in the Capitol. After the presidential election on 3 November, he insisted without evidence that he had lost because of fraud. Followers then entered the Capitol when the victory of the Democrat Joe Biden was ratified. Five people were killed.

The process is historic for several reasons. Trump was the only president to deal with impeachment proceedings twice. He also goes into history as the first former president to be persecuted by Congress. The likelihood of it coming to a conviction is considered small. The Democratic Senators will then need the support of at least 17 Republican colleagues.