Hitman 3s Last Mortal Sin: New Trailer Dedicated to Anger

IO Interactive has completed the story of the seven deadly sins with the release of a Hitman 3 trailer dedicated to anger. As we remember, it was the seven deadly sins that developers divided the seasonal content of the updates, and six chapters are already out. The final, seventh set of themed missions HITMAN 3: Seven Deadly Sins โ€” Act 7: Wrath is released on 26 October.

Players will travel to Dartmoor, where they will have to survive the onslaught of enemies and plan their strategy in advance and adapt quickly to the changing situation. Those who successfully complete three stages of the new Wrath Termination Escalation mode, a new Silent Assassin costume and new deadly toys awaits.

Including a pomegranate in the form of a bear figurination. After the completion of the Seven Deadly Sins season, developers will continue to release additional content to Hitman 3.

The game is currently available on consoles and PC (Epic Games Store only). Its Steam release will not be until 2022.

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