Hitman III: ‘Agent 47’ returns for battle world rulers

Routined assassin Agent 47 returns, more alerted than ever, to Hitman III for a series of new murders at global top locations. But is this third and final part of the series a worthy final piece for this elegant but cold-blooded murder friend?

Experienced assin Agent 47, with characteristic tattooed barcode at the back of his shiny bald head, travels in this last chapter to Dubai, Berlin, Chongqing (China), Mendoza (Argentina) and Romania, to provide high-ranking and powerful criminals of the Providence, a extraordinarily wealthy company of bad guys who have virtually everything that is important on earth in their forceps to bring life.

This is all commissioned by ICA, the International Contract Agency; a global independent conglomerate of professional killers. Under the control of the ice-cold client Diana Burnwood, with classic British accent. As in the previous sections, Diana provides the briefings and provides Agent 47 essential information to bring the missions to a seamless conclusion.

Gameplay The


of Hitman III is identical to the previous two parts of the series and that feels familiar, you know exactly how to play Agent 47. Each level offers an abundance of methods to spy on guards and enemies, quietly knock out, or kill unnoticed. And that overkill of options, like sneaking in through a skylight or restarting the mission with the same outfit as the gardener, get more each time you play the levels again.

Analyzing the running lines of your opponent within the playing field to make your movement choices is very satisfied. Even non-enemies such as pizza deliverers, bartenders or security guards deserve a sharp look, because dressed as they invade an underground techno party increases the chances of not being seen and you don‘t have to waste a single bullet.

The game plays away and the missions are all compelling and challenging enough to continue into the night. However, Hitman III offers hardly any innovations, the strong own concept of the previous two games is simply more elaborated.

Atmosphere and setting

Each location is the backdrop of a graphically extensive, realistic and detailed living environment. From climbing a surrealistically high skyscraper in Dubai to the penetration of the ghostlyAddams Family‘ style mansion in the English Dartmoor. And the creepy sharp reflection of Agent 47 on the mirrors is a big plus, especially when you’re trying to hide a body. The spectacular setting in the selected murder locations makes the game visually a delight to the eye, even the background music sounds cinematic.

On the graphic side Hitman III, despite some minor bugs in the intermediate movies, has made big strides. Also, the English accent of Agent 47 and Diana Burnwood gives the game a graceful touch of class.


Your patience is put to the test, as in addition to the main mission, there are countless side missions to complete by location. The game also offers an unprecedented amount of disguises, shortcuts and murder weapons to silently kill targets. All levels are playable multiple times with additional privileges, which you have unlocked. Despite the lack of innovations, Hitman III once again delivers an addictive game thriller and delivers a compelling conclusion to this illustrious trilogy.

Figure: 8,5

Hitman III is now playing on all platforms.