HITMAN III for Xbox sell for only 2099 rubles in “1C-Interest”

In the store 1C-Interest for unknown reasons sell the digital version of HITMAN III for Xbox for only 2099 rubles – although the game on discs is given for 4199 rubles. Despite the low price, buyers do get the game. In other stores do not sell keys for the project yet – perhaps such a low price is not a mistake at all, but a peculiar regional cost.

Upgrade. In social networks 1C-Interest there was an announcement – the price of 2099 rubles is not a mistake.

However, the store warns that the number of keys is limited. In any case, those wishing to see the finale of the story of Agent 47 should hurry up.

In Microsoft Store, for example, the game is sold for $60 – 4500 rubles. More on CCeit Disney reequips Jungle Cruise because of racism complaints Rumor: The third season of Mandalorza will start filming in April Ana de Armas for almost a year worked on Marilyn Monroes accent for the film.