HITMAN III screenwriters talked about their work

Very soon there will be the release of the final part of the IO Interactive trilogy about the most famous murderer. And the screenwriters of HITMAN III talked about working on the narrative. As Michael Vogt and Nick Price reminded us, in the first part of the HITMAN trilogy, the overall plot developed against the background of individual missions, and many players even didn‘t pay much attention to him.

But in the second part he came to the fore, at the same time becoming more gloom. In HITMAN III the plot and gameplay will be tightly woven, and this was made possible by the fact that the game world is already quite filled with events, and many incidents give to build a large-scale background of the coming history.

And now the Agent 47 and his coordinator Diana has the main goal – finally destroy the mysterious organization โ€œProvidenceโ€. In the finale of the trilogy, the tone of the narrative will become even more bleak and tense due to the fact that now there is too much at stake.

Hitman III is released on January 20 on PC (so far only in Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch (in the cloud version) and on Google Stadia. PlayStation console owners will also be able to take advantage of .

Complete all 47 trophies in HITMAN 3 and you’ll unlock the Platinum Trophy, World of Assassination. Good luck! pic.

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