Hockey players Bloemendaal and Kampong experience a convincing competition start

The hockey players of Bloemendaal have started the new season energetically. The club, which was at the top of the league when it was forced to prematurely close the previous season in March due to the corona crisis, won 5-2 from Almere on the first day of play in the premier league.

Kampong, another favourite for the men’s national title, also made its mark. The Utrechters settled with clear figures at home with Klein Zwitserland: 5-0.

With Rick Mathijssen as the successor to coach Michel van den Heuvel, who left after four years, Bloemendaal soon had things in hand against Almere. Floris Wortelboer and Thierry Brinkman made it 2-0 on 21 minutes.

Shortly after, Gabriel Ho-Garcia narrowed the gap to last season’s last season’s last quarter, but before half-time Tim Swaen had brought the margin back to two with a penalty corner.

After the break, Arthur van Doren and Martijn van Grimbergen also scored for Bloemendaal, which hasn’t had to swallow a league defeat since 3 May 2019, while Manuel Verga stepped back on behalf of the guests from the polder.

Good old’ Roelant Oltmans

At Kampong, which with ‘good old’ Roelant Oltmans also has a new coach in front of the group, Jip Janssen put Klein Zwitserland down 2-0 within 25 minutes.

After rest Martijn Havenga (from a penalty ball), Terrance Pieters and Silas Lageman filled the Utrecht quintet.

Pinochet Penalty Corner faltering

Pinocchรฉ had a false start and the Amstelveen formation was largely to blame for that. After Austin Smith put Den Bosch out of the fourth-place penalty corner of Brabant in a row to 0-1 after seven minutes, the home side left one penalty corner after another unused.

Shortly before the break, the account followed for Pinokรฉ, who, like Den Bosch, is hoping to get involved in the battle for a place in the play-offs. In two minutes, the hosts demarched to 0-3 via goals from Noud Schoenaker, the second of which came from a penalty corner.

Alexander Hendrickx (penalty corner) and German striker Niklas Wellen brought Pinokรฉ close to the guests, but they were unable to eat the cheese from the bread.