Hockey players Pinoké start season with victory at Kampong

For the first time since March, there was hockey on the Dutch pitches again. Among the women, Pinoké got off to a good start (2-0 victory at Kampong) and title favourites Den Bosch (6-0 against Victoria) and SCHC (3-2 against Bloemendaal) also started the season with a win.

At Pinoké, Kelly Jonker made her comeback in the premier league. A few months ago she became the mother of daughter Nova and was back on the field for the first time. There were no goals for Jonker, the hits came in the name of Sian Keil and Sterre Deetman.

Pinoké started the match fiercely in Amstelveen and was immediately dangerous. Kiki van Wijk, who played an excellent game, seemed to score quickly, but there was already a foul and so the goal was disallowed.

It was only towards the end of the first quarter that Kampong got the first big chance with a penalty corner. Pinoké-keeper Kiki Gunneman saved on the ground with her foot on the bet of Renée van Laarhoven.

Kiki’s in good shape

In the second half, Pinocché remained dangerous. After a shot and good action by Van Wijk, she played the ball to Sian Keil, who put the 1-0 on the scoreboard. Van Wijk was also involved in the second goal. From a penalty corner Sterre Deetman used Van Wijk’s first shot.

Just before time Kampong was given the opportunity to win the match. Goalkeeper Gunneman saved a Van Laarhoven penalty ball with a great dive, leaving Pinoké 2-0 on the scoreboard.