Hoekstra, as expected, chosen as CDA leader

Wopke Hoekstra, resigned Minister of Finance, was chosen as the leader of the CDA as expected. Over 95 percent of the members who voted voted voted for Hoekstra, were announced at the party‘s digital election congress. He was the only candidate after Hugo de Jonge withdrew last month as a leader.

Hoekstra said he was “very honored “by the election. He wants to work mainly for people “in the rush hour of their lives”, young families with children. Among other things, he wants to make it easier for them to make use of childcare.

Party President Rutger Ploum called Hoekstra “a true leader” and “strategically sharp”. “You are a thinker, a fighter, you have a winner’s mentality,” he spoke to Hoekstra.

The election programme and the rest of the list were also endorsed by the members. The sitting MPs Pieter Omtzigt and Anne Kuik are on 2 and 3.

Against fireworks ban

The Congress voted with a small majority of 51% against a proposal to ban consumer fireworks altogether. In doing so, the members are opposed to the calls of CDA mayors such as Bruls (Nijmegen) and Buma (Leeuwarden). On the contrary, they advocate a general ban on fireworks.

The CDA list and the election programme were supposed to be ratified last Saturday, but then there were technical problems with digital voting. The congress was then demolished, so it was finished today.