Hoekstra (CDA): news payment affair further harms trust

CDA leader Hoekstra spoke in his second conversation with Informer Tjeenk Willink about the new revelations of RTL Nieuws about the payment affair. RTL reports that from 2019 the cabinet has deliberately withheld information from the House of Representatives.

After the conversation with Tjeenk Willink, Hoekstra said: โ€œFor politics, there is a costly task to restore confidence. And that trust did not really increase because of this, no, we could draw that conclusion together.โ€

RTL quotes secret minutes of the Council of Ministers, which states that during discussions of the Cabinet there was repeated complaints about critical MPs, including CDA‘er Omtzigt. Ministers would also have agreed to deprive the Chamber of information. This was, for example, about the unjustified abandonment of surcharges to parents.

Hoekstra was critically questioned by several journalists about his own role as minister in the Cabinet Rutte III, but he did not want to go too much into the matter. โ€œI think we should do things in the right order. I stand here as a CDA leader and it is not neat and not logical to answer now as a member of a demissionary cabinet.โ€ As a CDA leader, he also wanted to answer few questions.

On the formation process, Hoekstra said that his party still believes that other parties are on the move, because the CDA did not have a good election result. The party went from 19 to 15 seats. It is not obvious that the CDA is joining a new cabinet, said Hoekstra again.

As far as

the CDA is concerned, the subjects of dualism, power and counterpower, and a different culture of governance are subjects that should be explicitly addressed in the formation.


asked whether MP Pieter Omtzigt is involved in the formation consultation, Hoekstra said that they have regular contact with each other. But because Omtzigt himself has indicated that he needs rest, said Hoekstra, it does not make sense to talk about him every day.

The CDA wants to involve Omtzigt in the formation and resolution of the issues because it has included these issues on the agenda. And a large part of the support of the supporters for the choices of CDA leader Hoekstra depends on what Omtzigt thinks of it.

After Hoekstra, PVV leader Wilders was talking to Tjeenk Willink. He also responded to RTL’s reports. Wilders thinks the whole formation is useless now. โ€œThis means the end of a lot of politicians,โ€ he said. Wilders argued again for new elections.

Pat up from the chairman of the group

D66 leader Kaag said after her conversation with Tjeenk Willink that it is very good that he discusses the issues of trust and the relationship between Chamber and Cabinet. She is satisfied with the formation so far.

About her own role as minister in the payment affair, after long questioning, she only wanted to say that there will be a letter from the Cabinet and then a Chamber debate.

โ€œ I personally do not know whether I was at the Council of Ministers at those times or whether I was travelling. I have not been able to see the documents myself,โ€ said Kaag. โ€œFrom D66 there are a lot of questions, and I say that with the hat of the chairman of the group.โ€

Later in the evening VVD leader Rutte will visit Tjeenk Willink.