Hoekstra: CDA will make sound louder in new cabinet

The CDA will set itself differently in the next cabinet than in the current cabinet. That‘s what party leader Hoekstra said in his closing speech at the party congress. โ€œWe formulate more sharply where we stand and why we stand there. We make compromises from our CDA ideals. Our own sound will be clear and recognizable.โ€

When there is a coalition agreement, Hoekstra, who is negotiating on behalf of the CDA, said not to know. โ€œBut I hope and expect it to be there soon.โ€ The four negotiating parties are in the final phase and talk on Monday morning.

Hoekstra didn’t want to say anything about the content of the upcoming agreement either. โ€œI would love to tell you that I am extremely proud of it. That the agreement lays a solid foundation under the future of our country. (…) But unfortunately, in terms of content, I can‘t say anything about it yet.โ€

Dance teacher

In addition to the formation, Hoekstra went into the corona crisis and the polarization that it creates, also in politics. The CDA leader denounced โ€œthe politics in which the opinion of a dance teacher receives as much attention as a thorough scientific researchโ€, referring to the foreman of action group Virus Truth, Willem Engel.

According to Hoekstra, there are politicians who โ€œuse increasing chaos as a political revenue modelโ€. He called them โ€œpolitical riotersโ€ who play with the lives of others. โ€œIt’s up to us to outline perspective and build bridges.โ€

Resolutions and Chairman

Earlier at the online congress, a number of striking proposals to set the CDA Parliamentary Group on a certain course did not make it. It was about resolutions against the corona pass at work, against a 2G policy and for an increase in the minimum wage. On all the proposals, Hoekstra had said in advance that Members should be patient and trust the group.

Hans Huibers was also elected as the new party chairman. In the early 90s, Huiber was a Member of Parliament, he also had been in the national board for a while and was chairman of the youth movement CDJA. Huibers succeeds interim chairman Marnix van Rij.