Hoekstra does not want to be in the opposition, but to take government responsibility

The CDA wants to continue with the formation negotiations. Party leader Hoekstra said in a speech to members that, after a difficult period for his party, the temptation may be great to go into the opposition to โ€œresourceโ€, but he does not want to admit it.

โ€œIts not easy in The Hague,โ€ he noted, โ€œbecause of the fragmentation and hardening. And if we as a party say, by definition, we dont participate, well make it even harder.โ€ That is why he wants the CDA to continue to act constructively and take responsibility for the Netherlands.

Hoekstra dealt with his โ€œslidesโ€ in the campaign, such as skating in Thialf when it was not allowed to do so due to corona. He said something about that yesterday. He went on to say that he was in front of Congress to take responsibility at โ€œone of the hardest moments in our partys history,โ€ and that he hasnt regretted saying yes to leadership for a moment.

Mutual Respect

The CDA leader said he has confidence in his partys future again. He thinks there is still a long way to go and that the CDA should start talking to each other again instead of each other. It doesnt help if CDA people keep questioning each others integrity, he said. According to him, there has been too little โ€œmildness and mutual respectโ€ since the PVV was built more than ten years ago.

Hoekstra also asked attention to โ€œthe most tireless go-getterโ€ that The Hague believes is rich: corona minister Hugo de Jonge. He said he had great respect for the man who was initially chosen as a leader. Then followed a long, loud and highly deserved applause from the venue according to Hoekstra.

The congress started this morning and aims to mark a line under a difficult political year with a controversial leader election, followed by a leader change, a weak campaign and recently the departure of MP Pieter Omtzigt.

CDA Minister De Jonge pointed out at the beginning of the afternoon that problems occur in the best families and that it is good to talk them out at the โ€œkitchen tableโ€, like today at the Congress.

However, he believes that the CDA party leaders should be better handled, he said, looking back at the short time he was a leader. โ€œAll on the luggage carriers and Wopke alone on the stairs, thats not going to work,โ€ he said. In other words, he thinks that the party foreman can use a little less criticism and more support.

Magic Wand

CDA-prominent Liesbeth Spies said this morning that it was going to be an exciting congress. โ€œWe shouldnt think that today with a magic wand everything gets better again.โ€

Spies served as chairman of the committee earlier this year evaluating why the CDA elections went so badly. She drew harsh conclusions and said, among other things, that the party blamed the loss of four seats to itself. โ€œWe lost ourselves,โ€ she reiterated today.

Painful Departure Omtzigt

Interim party chairman Marnix van Rij called Omtzigts departure โ€œa very painful moment for the CDA and for himโ€. His remark that this was โ€œnot the outcome we wantedโ€ led to a hard applause from the members in the room.

Van Rij said that in recent months there have been โ€œbig mistakes, even wrong on errorโ€ anyway. According to him, the state of the party was โ€œvery shockingโ€.

Criticism and Compliments

CDA members expressed harsh criticism of the party summit at the party congress. Among other things, โ€œdirect apologies from the party office to the great man Pieter Omtzigtโ€ were asked, while others think that the party interest is โ€œabove the personโ€.

A CDA person in the room made a call not to join โ€œRutte, the liar of the fatherlandโ€. Party Chairman Van Rij asked him to keep things tidy. Most CDA members give Hoekstra the green light to continue in the formation process. His speech was received positively in the room.