Hoekstra: Enter WW plan in 2025

The CDA proposal to shorten the duration of the WW is something for 2025 or about that, has CDA leader Hoekstra said at DecceIt. It also does not apply to everyone who already has WW. Last week Hoekstra received criticism from many sides of his proposal to limit the maximum duration of the WW to one year instead of two.

The CDA leader has already stressed several times that the plan fits within a much larger, nuanced proposal to reform the labour market and that the WW should not be addressed during or shortly after the coronacrisis. As a possible year, he thinks of 2025 or about that.

On the introduction, he said that the next cabinet should take a decision and that the new system will only run from 2025. He also stressed that in the beginning the WW was raised and that more people should be helped into work. Hoekstra was first guest at HetCCEit Radio 1 Journal and then answered questions in a CCITET broadcast on Facebook and YouTube.

Hoekstra explained his WW proposal and other plans:

Hoekstra was also asked, among other things, whether the CDA should not tackle farmers harder to reduce emissions of harmful substances. According to him, it is fair to ask farmers for a contribution and that this should be done mainly with them, for example through innovation. But he thinks it is unwise to say that the herd should be halved in any case, as D66 wants. โ€œThen it becomes something dogmatic.โ€

He reiterated that visitors to an emergency general practitioner will now have to pay their own contribution. According to him, too many people are now going to such a post, without being in a hurry and therefore real emergencies have to wait longer. Just like yesterday in Nieuwsuur, he added that he is open to what people say in practice. Hes going to talk to a GP who criticized the plan in Nieuwsuur.

New Deal

Hoekstra reiterated that it is not fair to suggest that in the coming years there is no need to cut cuts. He wants to avoid cuts in the short term, and preferably in the long term. But according to him, there are no guarantees to give: โ€œIn this election campaign, the promises of never cutting back. Parties such as the SP but also D66 increase the public debt dramatically; that is not wise.โ€

The CDA wants a New Deal for the economy, among other things to prevent entrepreneurs from going bankrupt and to ensure that more people get a permanent contract.

Like many others, Hoekstra hopes that it will not take too much time to form a new cabinet. The previous formation lasted more than seven months and he finds that โ€œunreasonably longโ€. According to Hoekstra, a rapid formation fits the phase in which the country is now located.