Hoekstra mentions complete life free issue for MPs

CDA leader Hoekstra believes that D66s completed life law should become a free matter. The D66 Act will be one of the issues raised at the CDA Congress tomorrow. It may also be a topic in the formation. D66 wants to make it possible with an initiative law that older people who find their lives completed can get help to end their lives.

A resolution has been tabled for the CDA congress calling the introduction of that act contrary to the principles of the CDA. According to the petitioners, the CDA should not cooperate with such a law. The party board agrees with the resolution, although it adds that a vote on medical-ethical issues is โ€œin principle always a free matterโ€.

Kaag: no pre-appointments

Hoekstra also said today that conscience issues are always free issues for MPs: โ€œAnd I always find that very right.โ€ D66 leader Kaag also called complete life a free issue this morning. โ€œThat should not be part of a coalition agreement. That is the conscience and the individual conviction of each Member of Parliament.โ€

According to Kaag, an open governance culture is that the House of Representatives is about initiative laws and that you do not agree on them in advance, especially when it comes to medical ethical issues. Disagreement about the completed life law is one of the reasons why D66 does not want to go back in a cabinet with the Christian Union.

Departure Omtzigt

The CDA congress is generally seen as very important because the party is in a stirring period, including the departure of the prominent MP Omtzigt. Hoekstra says in AD today that he will keep the door open for Omtzigt. The MP canceled his CDA membership in June, after he expressed fierce criticism about the way the party interacted with him. This week he announced that his departure is final and that he is continuing as an independent Member of Parliament. Omtzigt has been home sick for months and will be back in the Chamber next week.

Hoekstra had โ€œloved to keep Omtzigt on board.โ€ The CDA leader says he agreed with Omtzigt that they will continue to work together in the future as well.

Campaign errors

Hoekstra acknowledges in the AD that a lot of things have not gone well in recent times and that he himself made mistakes in the campaign. He cited as an example the way he communicated about the Borstlap Committee. The fact that the CDA took over that committees recommendation to shorten the WW duration led to a lot of criticism. He also found that he went skating on an indoor rink in campaign time, which was not allowed to do so because of the corona measures, he finds it obvious wrong afterwards.

Hoekstra agrees with an internal party committee, which concluded this summer that the CDA โ€œlost of itselfโ€. โ€œThe unit was hard to search at times, we were not a team, I have to attract that too,โ€ says Hoekstra. In conversations with members, he mainly learns that they need connection.

No VVD light

The criticism of some of the members that the CDA would be a VVD light rejects Hoekstra: โ€œwe are a completely different party than the VVD, with completely different starting points. We are in favour of abolishing the borrowing system, for the importof a social conscription and stressing the importance of a permanent contract, we do not expect the benefit of the government, but also not the individual.โ€

Hoekstra does not want to prejudge whether he wants to become minister again when the CDA enters the cabinet. There are also pleas that he can stay in the Chamber better. โ€œForm first,โ€ he says in AD.

Van Zwol: not in a minority cabinet with VVD and D66

The prominent CDA member Van Zwol believes that his party should not sit in a minority cabinet with VVD and D66. Van Zwol is President of the CDA Scientific Office. He released a report on the partys future this week.

Van Zwol says in the Trusted Sources Podcast that โ€œyou just need to have a straightforward minority cabinet from VVD and D66โ€. According to him, the CDA should not endup with such a cabinet either.

The CDA Congress can be followed all day tomorrow through NPO Politics. The broadcast starts around 9.15 am.