Hofland after yes word held in suspense by Van Bommel: He couldnt say yet

Kevin Hofland was fired from Fortuna Sittard last season, but was added to the staff of VfL Wolfsburg by his longtime football friend Mark van Bommel. The former defender of Fortuna Sittard, PSV and Feyenoord, among others, gave his word to Van Bommel, but did not know where he would end up, he reveals.
Hofland also played for Die Wรถlfe between 2004 and 2007, but didn‘t know that he would return to the Volkswagen Arena. โ€œMark had called me at some point and asked me if I saw it in front of me, to go to a new club with him,โ€ he tells the Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung. โ€œHe was just talking about a possible departure to a German club. Do you want to go with you?โ€
The 42-year-old Heerlenaar first wanted to consult with his family, but Van Bommel still didn’
t want to mention their destination. โ€œI was surprised at first. We talked to each other more often after that, but Mark still didn‘t say we were going to Wolfsburg,โ€ said Hofland, who eventually tied the knot and said yes. โ€œI’m going with me, I said. Then I asked about the club again, but he just said I can‘t say that yet, but I’m delighted that you‘re going along. That’s how it was.โ€