Holland Casino heavy in red, ‘looking for solutions

Holland Casino has made a loss of more than 28 million euros in the past six months. The casinos were closed for months because of the corona virus. During the first months of the year, the casinos were busier, but over the entire period, turnover fell by almost 60 percent

The casinos are open again, but now there are far fewer people to turn to. About 30 percent of the maximum number of visitors can go in.

“Our figures for the second half of the year will not be good either because of all the necessary restrictive measures”, warns director Erwin van Lambaart. “We are therefore currently looking at how we as a company can remain financially healthy and future-proof during this difficult period He expects to be able to tell us more about this in December.

Government millions

The shareholder of the casinos is the Dutch government. In recent years, the government has received part of the profits, but it seems that there is nothing to give in 2020.

In order to accommodate Holland Casino, the government waived the profit distribution to be paid over 2019. This amounted to a maximum of 68 million euros.