Hollywood historic strike averted after producer agreement

After days of ongoing negotiations, American film and TV producers in Hollywood have reached an agreement on a new employment contract. This averted a national strike, which has never happened in the 128th anniversary of trade union IATSE. The unions supporters have yet to agree with the proposal.

Some 60,000 filmmakers, cameramen, makeup artists, set designers and other employees threatened to put the work down if no deal was made before Monday. Federal members said employers could force them to work extremely hours with their previous contracts and that lunch breaks and enough rest between services could be denied.

โ€œUnderpaid and Exploitedโ€

Also, union directors stated that the worst-paid forces are almost unable to live on their wages and that they are exploited by Netflix, Apple and Amazon streaming services. According to the union, the agreement meets a few important requirements and crew members will receive a wage increase, among other things. More details are not known yet. The new collective agreement will be valid for three years.

The strike was supported by big names such as Jane Fonda, Octavia Spencer and Mindy Kaling. Since the agreement was concluded last minute, president Matthew Loeb of union IATSE speaks of a typical โ€œHollywood endingโ€.

Between November 2007 and February 2008, there was a strike, but another trade union. 12,000 scriptwriters put down the work, leading to chaos in the TV world. Scripted shows were forcibly shut down and television networks broadcast reruns out of need.