Home work advice back, cabinet makes’ ventilate ‘fourth basic rule

The Cabinet wants everyone to work as much as possible at home. More than two weeks ago, after a year and a half, urgent home work advice expired, but in the Corona Bat in the House of Representatives, Rutte committed to restoring it. D66, PvdA, SP and GroenLinks asked for that.

Rutte said that โ€œgiven the figuresโ€ he sees no reason to reinstate the advice because many infections have occurred in the hospitality industry lately. But because he tasted his wish in the Chamber, the motto is again: work as much as possible at home.

Rutte explains why the advice returns as it was a year and a half:

Furthermore, the cabinet adds a fourth to the three familiar basic rules: ventilation. In addition to 1.5 meters away, hand washing and testing/staying at home in case of complaints, taking care of fresh air is the motto, said demissionary Prime Minister Rutte in the coronade bat.

โ€œWe‘re working that out and we’re going to work on that,โ€ Rutte said. โ€œWe‘ll also add it to a sign at the press conferences.โ€ Several parties had urged more attention to ventilation, including schools and hospitality.

Prime Minister Rutte stressed that it is close in terms of ventilation and that you should leave it to professionals. โ€œBefore you know it, everyone puts on a fan and spread the virus.โ€ So it is still examined which measures should be taken.

PVV leader Wilders and demissionary Prime Minister Rutte discuss ventilation:

The Chamber’s debate was mainly about the now reversed relaxations of 26 June that have not been properly worked out. At the time, the contagion and hospital figures fell considerably, but infection rates have risen spectacularly since then. Last Friday, the cabinet turned back a number of easing.

The government speaks of an โ€œerror of assessmentโ€, but especially the opposition thinks that it is too weakly expressed. SP Hijink spoke of โ€œa cardinal blunderโ€, PvdA MP Chick of โ€œa total miscalculationโ€. She said all sorts of advice from the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) have been knocked into the wind.

Long-lasting covid

Many people, according to the Chamber, are rightly angry now that relaxations have been reversed due to the rapidly increasing number of corona infections. Among other groups of young people are exposed to the virus and are now risking unnecessarily prolonged covid, some fractions suggested.

VVD MP De Vries said it would have been better, with today‘s knowledge, to make the easing more phased. Incidentally, the VVD MP, together with Van den Berg of the CDA, appointed that the Chamber is partly responsible for contracting infections, because the Chamber has agreed to the easing.

Prime Minister Rutte said the cabinet underestimated the effect of the easing. โ€œWe underestimated behavior and we overestimated to what extent we were able to mitigate risks.โ€ He stressed that he charges himself and not the young people who have now become widely infected.

Access Testing

Demissionary Minister De Jonge discussed the Access Testing in the debate. He said lessons need to be learned from the past few weeks. There was a big run on admission tickets and, according to De Jonge, there was also a โ€œswing at the doorโ€ at hospitality shops and festivals.

โ€œWe have homework to do with the events sector and hospitality industry. Under what circumstances can it be done?โ€ De Jonge wants to hear from experts about the maximum number of infections where working with admission tickets is still justified.

The Minister explained that the Cabinet considers Low Contagion Access Testing to be justified and now, with more than 10,000 new infections a day, no more. But where the border is, he doesn’t know. De Jonge wants advice from the OMT on that.