Homo-related violence in asylum seekers’ centres is hardly tackled’

Gay-related violence in asylum seekers’ centres is still not being tackled properly. According to chairman Kortekaas of the LGBT Asylum Support Foundation, separate, safe shelters for lhbti asylum seekers must now be set up quickly. He has sent a letter of fire to State Secretary Broekers-Knol.

“Since June we have received sixty reports of violence against lhbti’ers in asylum seekers’ centres. We have forwarded them to a hotline, but have not heard anything else about them”, said Kortekaas in the CCeit Radio 1 News. Trouw has made an inventory of violence in asylum seekers’ centres and this also shows that the approach to gay-related violence is failing.

Getting to the bottom

“We have been in talks with the Secretary of State since 2016 about separate units for lhbti asylum seekers. Because that works, especially for transgender people. We want every asylum seekers’ centre to have such a unit,” says Kortekaas. “We don’t understand why it’s still no policy to oblige every asylum seekers’ centre to have an lhbti unit. We’re at a low point.”

In asylum seekers’ centres that do have such a unit, the separate room often disappears again and heterosexuals are also placed there. This has to do with a lack of space. “But you can’t tell those other residents that the rainbow flag has to come off the wall,” says Kortekaas.

The LGBT Asylum Support Foundation also pleads for more information. “We’ve placed signs at the asylum seekers’ centres explaining article 1 of the Constitution.” That article prohibits discrimination. “The Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers was very sympathetic”, says Kortekaas. “But we really need a broader campaign.”