‘Honda may again look forward to new club: contract after five days disconnected’

Keisuke Honda is already clubless after five days. The Portuguese Portimonense captured the 34-year-old Japanese Saturday, but due to regulations Honda could not play for the club.

Several Portuguese media report this. Portimonense initially captured Honda transfer-free. However, the club could not register the midfielder and attacker for the competition. Honda had only come out for Portimonese in competition if he was also clubless in June of the previous year. That is not the case, as he was under contract with Botafogo, Brazil until the end of 2020.
For example, Honda‘s adventure at Portimonense is limited to a few days. The 98-fold international has worn several clubs in recent years. He signed for Vitesse a year ago. That adventure didn’t last long either: after more than two months Honda had already left. In the past he also played for VVV-Venlo.

Keisuke Honda rescindiu com #Portimonense 5 dias available! Lรก em Portugal, o meia sรณ poderia ser registrado no club fora da janela se estivesse sem contrato desde junho do ano passado. Pelo regulamento, nรฃo poderia jogar agora. @kskgroup2017 #MercadoDaBola pic.twitter.com/ttQCSLrzol
โ€” Brenno Beretta (@BrennoBeretta) February 11, 2021